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Funding: Where The Money Will Go

We’re seeking $100,000 in our initial funding campaign.

We’re asking the Indiegogo family to help us hire the people, buy the equipment, and put the resources in place to become the most recognizable name for “All Things Old West” in the model train industry.

With your support, we’ll be able to expand our market with professional packaging and advertisements, and begin offering B&T products in both online and storefront hobby shops.

If funding exceeds our initial campaign goal, one of our many hopes is to begin building model railroad layouts and displays for local children’s’ clinics and hospitals as money permits.

No Risk Contributions

Since B&T is already in production and shipping from our own website, “Perks” will be shipped in a matter of days once your contribution is received.

If for some unimaginable reason that we can’t even fathom, and you’re not a Model Railroader “YET”, and you choose to receive an original painting from our In-House Artist Cat Lafitte, you’re welcome to send her a picture or just a description of the subject matter you’d like her to paint, and Cat will create a One-Of-A-Kind work of art in her own style, specifically for you within a few weeks and ship it as soon as the paint dries!

If you’re unable to contribute during our official campaign, please help us by spreading the word on social media and remember to use the Indiegogo Share Tools!