ALL women love to laugh All women are successful You all love your jobs and don’t need a man to support you.

You love to travel, stay home, most kinds of music, animals, Harleys, long walks on the beach and can be a bit preciouses and silly when the mood strikes you.

Your comfortable in a little black dress or jeans, the opera and two steppin’ at Billy Bob’s.


He should love kids, dogs, and long walks on the beach.

(There’s that beach again! You do realize we live 400 miles from the closet beach, right?)


I’m sorry, I gotta ask… Since your definitely not looking to “Hook Up”… and your wanting a LTR with a man who’s financially stable, fit, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and doesn’t bring any drama or baggage to the table, why in the hell are you trolling a dating app with a reputation for NSA hookups, creeps and stalkers?

And given the fact that your all obviously very successful and emotionally available women with great jobs and perfect lives and kids, you surely must be surrounded by the men you describe in your network of business associates, fitness clubs, churches and wonderful friends you spend your spare time with on cruse ships, enchanted islands and at music and art festivals.

Further more, you all seem intent on taking it slow this time around which basically means while he’s spending his hard earned cash wining and dining you in the hopes of a happy ending (pun intended) your keeping your options and your profile open.

Look, I can promise to make you laugh more than cry, and if you feel the need to bring home the bacon, I can guarantee you I have no qualms about frying it in the pan.

Oh, and I’m definitely up for an all expense paid vacation on some remote island so we can take that walk on the beach!

As for me, I’m a real life Allen Harper living with my brother and I still play guitar in a cover band from time to time.

My 3D design company is floundering and could use an influx of cash if your open to the investment opportunity of a life time too.

Also, because I was married to an extremely narcissistic woman for 17 years, I have 4 grown, very dysfunctional children, who weekly break my heart and or my bank account, AND, have all managed to somehow make it impossible for me to see any of my 5 grand children due to broken relationships with their baby mommas’ and daddies’.

In conclusion: In the last 3 days I’ve scrolled through 100’s of profiles, and I got to tell ya, percentage wise, it doesn’t look good me or for the majority of women out there looking to connect with their last first kiss or great love of their life. Not because you not the perfect catch, but because there just aren’t enough men from Krypton crashing into our little blue planet or plucking spunky hookers from obscurity while they bank roll the next great merger and acquisition. Can’t we just have dinner without putting everything on the line? Isn’t being a nice guy with a sense of humor and a inner directive to choose others over himself, Kindness over Chaos, compassion and concern over conceit and control, worth enough to consider looking past the horrid obesity and lack of financial stability?

As for you, please be slim, fit, and flirtatious. Laugh at my jokes and please be financially stable.

At least one of us needs to be! 8173018786